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Professional Insurance Agents are a specialist european broker, helping Architects find the right insurance covers for their business.

We will offer you an exclusive broking facility, with a promise to our UK, European and overseas clients of a first class friendly and professional service, no automatic answering machines! No voice mail call back systems! But a personalised link to all of our brokers, by phone or by video link direct from any of our websites. Where you may talk to us from any where in the world.

PIA have agencies with most of the major insurers and underwriters in the UK dealing with the listed classes. We are very competitive in providing insurance policies for the professionals and directors and officers of companies.

We will also help clients design a particular policy for their own individual requirements and negotiate with underwriters and insurers at Lloyds and in the London insurance markets.

If you have an insurance project you wish us to consider, please telephone or contact us by email and we would be happy to respond.

Telephone:+ 44 (0)1323 648000


Professional insurance agents will work closely with any of its European or Asian business clients to obtain term at Lloyds and the London Market insurance providers, however, please bear in mind some countries not in the EU have restrictions when insurance is being provided by insurers or underwriters offering business cover, if outside that countries territory. Do give us a call if you wish to discuss this or if you are in any doubt, + 44 (0)1323 648000.


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